March 12, 2010

Europe is So Cool; Mallorca Day #1

With a day and a half of traveling under our belts, we made it Spain.  Mallorca to be exact.  A beautiful island in the Mediterranean, heavy with history and culture and cyclists.

Our bikes are somewhere between Madrid and our hotel, bummer....
I am hopeful they will arrive tomorrow so we can join the smiling, happy faces of our fellow bike riders.

Mallorca is a bit sleepy this time of year.  1 out of every 3 store fronts is open for business, the tour buses haven't started running and the streets are relatively quiet as we venture out to explore the small port town of Pallensa; the place we will call home for the next two weeks.  It is fabulous.  Bright sails of Hobies dance across the water, the rugged landscape unfolds in three directions, and the hills, some still blanketed in snow, are calling our names (sort of like The Sound of Music, but with a Spanish lisp).

Ben is working hard to blend into his surroundings and with his handsome good looks and affection for chocolate croissants; is doing a fine job.