March 5, 2010

And So It Begins

Saturday marks the start of my 2010 racing season.  Instead of driving to the valley to race skinny tires on snow-covered asphalt, I am heading east, to the little known town of Echo; Echo Red-to-Red.   
28 miles of single track along the Umatilla River; it’s supposed to be beautiful. 

Hopefully I can remember how to race a mountain bike.  
Or better put; hopefully I can figure out how to race a mountain bike.  
I have never before raced a mountain bike wearing the colors of Sunnyside.  (This should give you an indication of my extensive MTB background.) 

And with the start of racing season comes, you guessed it, RACE REPORTS!  Fun to write, boring to read – but I am committed as ever to attempt to entertain with the ramblings and finer details of my 2010 racing season.

And in other news: I am heading to Spain!

Stay tuned for daily reports and photos from the island of Mallorca.

Although I can’t promise Spanish Boots made of Spain Leather; let me know of any special requests (leave a comment below) and I will do my best to smuggle a few extra kilos of coffee and olive oil into my suitcase.