March 13, 2010

And I quote, "This is Sweeter Than Any Powder Day"

Today we went to the mountains, and rode up them.  The most fantastic climb of my young cycling life and Barb says, “And it only gets better”. 

The flat farmland turned to stone lined switch-backs and spots of snow. 

Sheep, identified only by the sound of their bells, could be heard as we climbed to the town of Lluc. 

Cobblestone streets of ancient hillside towns offered coffee and olives and a chance to smile and laugh. Chocolate croissants and a stroll along the sea toped off the day.

There is new snow on the mountains at home.  Friends are heading to the hill for an epic powder day.  We would be joining them, but instead we are riding in our bikes on a fairytale island.  When Ben heard the news of the snow back home he said, and I quote, “This is sweeter than any powder day”.  He wanted to make sure the preceding statement included: Chocolate croissants, speaking Mallorcin with the locals, chocolate caliente, indescribable vantages, and screaming two-wheeled descents.

Tomorrow we up the ante.  We head to Sa Carlobra, descent to the sea and climb right back up.  The legendary climb was most quickly completed by Jan Ulrich in 29 minutes (this statistic remains unconfirmed). Don says I should be impressed with 40.  For the first time this trip, I think I will activate the stopwatch.

And some photos: