July 16, 2009

Ragbrai – Registers Annual Great Ride Across Iowa

Sitting in Sigourney Iowa, I get my first look at the 2009 Ragbrai Particpant Guide.
Pecan Pie Hunter reads the front graphic.
My plan of going on an All Pie Diet seems to be on right on track with the sentiments of the event.
7 days, riding bikes and eating pie….. I am ready to get underway.

We left Bend Thursday night, driving over the pass to Portland to sleep on Kacy’s back deck and making it to the airport for a 6am flight Friday morning.
It is now Saturday morning; we are still in route to Council Bluff, Iowa…. Making stops in St. Louis, Sigourney, and Des Moines in the Pepto-Bismol pink school bus to pick up the members of the 15 person Sigourney Weaver “RAGBRAI team”.

In a bus equipped with a two couches and an internal bike rack system built to hold 16 bikes, we pull into Council Bluffs, the start of Ragbrai 2009.
I am ready to get off this bus.
I am ready to ride.