July 13, 2009

Frustrating, torturous bliss.

There is always a point when you could have gone harder. 

You make a decision; How much do you want to hurt? 

A split second in time that you won't let yourself forget. 

It is this brief, but vivid memory that keeps you stepping up to the line, race after race, to ride hard once again.

And every time you reach that point in the race, you push yourself a little further, the comfort boundary expands, you are willing to hurt more. 

With each step forward, with each acceptance of more pain, you realize you could have gone harder, endured more, pushed the boundary just a fraction further.

It is a learning process.  You can read about it in books, you can talk to friends, you can watch it on Versus, but until you are in it, it can't be understood. 

The more you experience the feeling of being on the verge, the more you crave the opportunity to step further over the edge. 

It is addictive, some would say masochistic; but for those of us who race because we crave that feeling, it is bliss.  Frustrating, torturous bliss.

High Desert Omnium Race Report Coming Soon........