June 17, 2009


I had a conversation with a friend a few afternoons ago.

It was a discussion of perspective, not of advice.

It was a lecture delivered not from the front of classroom, but from the heart.

It was just what I needed.

We all set expectations.

I tend to set mine too high.

But then again, isn't it better to set lofty goals and not reach them than to underestimate your ability?

I need to walk before I can run… hard when I used to be pretty good at running.

I need to listen and observe and gradually build the knowledge that will lead to intuition.

It is this intuition, coupled by motivation and fitness that I seek.

I need to test myself.

If I blow up, what harm has it done?

I will have given it a shot; I will have learned something.

I will have lived.

I need to learn to set my expectations from a vantage point that allows for the right perspective.

My right perspective; dictated only by the goals I set for myself from the plain upon which I currently stand.

I need to be proud of my accomplishments, no matter how small.

I have worked hard for them, and while meaningless to others, they are meaningful to me.

A wise man recently told me something that I have been mulling over and close-to completely understand:

Some of my best races I did not win. Those races that I won were not necessarily my best.

A game of chess in which all players are skilled and strong; how will I make my next move?