January 7, 2009

A Well Fitting bike and an Hour with Don

I made the appointment with great anticipation. My new YETI ARC X Cross Bike had been sitting in the laundry room since Ben gifted it to me last Thursday night. It would have slept in the bedroom with us, but there isn’t enough room for both Ben and the bike.
The shiny gray-sliver cranks were still virgin, no pedals had yet pushed the drive train. The chain was clean, tires perfect, rear cassette mud free, but not for long.
Last night I walked down to Sunnyside for my bike-fit with Don. I actually carried my new beautiful bike over my shoulder, not wanting to get the tires dirty – I know, I know, it is a bike and a cross bike at that, but for now if is clean and perfect.
I came prepared with my cycling shoes, shorts, and a brand new set of Crank Brothers pedals, which Don quick put on and we off to the trainer. In all his expertise, Don was able to get the correct saddle height and position quickly and then we dialed in the cockpit. The handle bars were a bit wide, narrower ones will be put on today – we flipped over and lowered the stem, adjusted the cross brake levers and worked on my position.
The new YETI was just about ready for the road, trail, and grass, and I can’t wait to take it out for a spin, but the real enjoyable part of the evening was talking with Don.
Don is honest, real, and confident – opinionated does start to describe him and while he is compassionate and respectful, doesn’t care if people don’t agree with him. I value his opinions and his knowledge. I respect his outlook on life and his hard work. I am proud to be on his team and thankful for the training philosophy he is willing to share.
Maybe it is because I am getting older and with age comes the knowledge that you don’t know a lick about just about anything, but lately I have been so honored to have good friends that are willing to be a part of my life, listen to what I have to say, share their own experiences and not turn away when my eyes swell up with tears. To my friends, thank you.