November 4, 2008

Mud, the new best thing - Cyclocross at Barton

Cyclocross is fun, but cyclocross in the mud is FABULOUS! A team of Sunnyside riders, once dressed in bright yellow and orange, now fully camouflaged in sloppy brown, mud the consistency of peanut butter. Rain beating down on our tents, trainers going at full speed in front of propane heaters, cow bells and cheers being heard along the course. Smiles, laughter, and bathing in mud puddles to actually “get the mud off”. Cyclocross in November couldn’t be better.
Sunday’s race, at Barton Park, just outside of Sandy, was our first true mud fest of the season and although there were some “casualties” among the field of riders, the Sunnyside Team finished off the day smiling. Don, Wade, and Chad all did great in their respective races, Wade and Chad receiving points in the Masters B race for the first time this season. Renee and I raced in the B race and Gina in the Masters 35+ category, all finishing strong and covered in what Oregon Cyclocross riders like to call GLORY!
I finished 1st in the B race, meaning I have to make a decision in the next couple of days. Move up to the A’s or continue to get heckled by my teammates, friends, and acquaintances about being a sandbagger. I haven’t decided yet.
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