August 11, 2008

Portland Marathon

With eight weeks to go, I have decided to run the Portland Marathon (October 5th). I figure, it is turning into a semi-tradition, a great excuse to see my family and a good way for me to stay motivated to train. Since starting my new job, I don't have the same morning flexibility to go on a long run when ever I feel like it, so for the first time in years, I actually have to plan my long runs.... just take a bit more discipline, something I need more in my life anyway. This weekend I was able to get out on a new trail in the Umpqua National Forest that was senic, challenging and while a bit steeper in grade and more difficult footing, reminded me of Forest Park with the lust foliage and diverse greenery. Central Oregon has so much to offer, but lush forests are not one of them! Can't wait til I can make a trip over to the Rose City and get a long training run in on the Wildwood Trail